Hello! Ashley and Emily here, together we make up Moody Hues Floral! We are best friends originally from Wisconsin, but we have both made Minnesota our home.

Emily has been in the flower game for about 10 years now having started from the bottom sweeping floors at a local flower shop. As she worked her way up and learned more about floral design she fell in love. At some point she decided she could do this thing on her own and create her own brand with her own style.

That’s where Ashley comes in; she’s got a great eye, a mind for business, and is great with people! The perfect candidate! After some convincing, she was in! The hardest part of all was coming up with a name. We had pages and pages of different ideas written down, but we kept coming back to Moody Hues. The thing about floral, styling, and color is that they can all invoke different feelings based on how they are arranged. We both love the romantic, dark, and mysterious vibes that you get when presented with the moodiest of hues. So Moody Hues!

Flowers… They are what it is all about! {Flowers on everything} And we mean EVERYTHING! We love flowers and have a passion for style and creativity. There are few things more thrilling than bringing someone’s dream vision to life!

So far we are one year into this journey and this crap is hard, but worth it!! We are so excited about what’s to come for Moody Hues! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we are up to; we are always up to something!